Keep track of your health status, Nyamira First Lady tells youth

Health among youth

Nyamira County first lady Everlyne Nyaribo has asked the youth to make frequent visits to the health facilities to ascertain their health status about cervical cancer.

She said cancer is a killer disease but it can be prevented, managed and even treated if it is detected early in time.

“Make regular visits to hospitals near you and check your status, especially when you detect anomaly in your body, so that you can be able to ascertain what it is and seek medical attention.” She said.

Mrs. Nyaribo was speaking to the girls of Sironga National School in Nyamira County when she visited the institution.

She singled out cervical cancer as being a big threat among the youths and took the girls through its symptoms to enable them be wary about it.

“Early cervical cancer diagnosis improves the successful rate of treatment.” She said.

She paraded abnormal bleeding during the menstrual periods and odorous smell from the private parts.

The First Lady asked the girls not to shy away from Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

“Go to hospital for regular screening against the disease for your longevity and the happiness of your parents,” advised she.

Saying that indulgence in bad habits like smoking increases the chances of contracting the disease and she asked the youth to distance themselves from drug and substance abuse and alcoholism.

She told the girls to embrace a reading culture in order to cushion themselves idleness which leads to lots of temptations.

The first lady appealed to Community health workers to intensify their sensitization against cancer, saying the disese was not whichcraft but rather a medical condition that can be treated or managed.

She thanked President William Ruto for promising to employ more community health workers who will monitor the health welfare of people at village level.

She promised that the office of the governor will support the President’s effort by supporting the grassroot health workers as much as possible.

The Chief Principal of Sironga Girls School Eva Odhiambo thanked the first lady for the visit and asked the girls to work hard and achieve good grades in their examinations and meet the great expectations bestowed on them by the school and their parents.

By Enock Okong’o

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