Keep off Isiolo Boys school, locals tell politicians

Politicians in Isiolo County have been cautioned against interfering with education matters because the trend has led to the decline of academic performance in the area.

They blamed politics for the downfall of a number of secondary schools in the county citing the collapse of the once-mighty Garbatulla Boys High School in Isiolo South constituency as an example.

They regretted that many secondary schools’ academic performance has been on a downward trajectory due to meddling by elected leaders who want to influence the headship of such schools.

“Some of the local leaders have developed the habit of pushing for employment of their ‘allies’ to senior positions at the expense of competent officers.

Politics and education should not be merged because if that happens, learners are the ones to suffer,” former Bulapesa MCA Moses Kithinji said.

The leaders were responding to the alleged ‘fronting’ of a new principal to replace former Isiolo Boys Principal Abdi Diba Godana instead of promoting Deputy Principal James Gituma who has been serving as the principal in an acting capacity.

“Mr. Gituma’s proven track record has led to the school’s improved performance since he took over.

He should be allowed to complete the work he has started of nurturing our children,” said Youth leader George Karithi.

They said it was unfortunate that leaders were yet to stop interfering with the education issues despite contributing to the dwindling education standards in the area.

They advised the elected leaders to amicably resolve the problems facing the electorate instead of pursuing their own personal and selfish interests.

“We urge politicians to stick to their mandate and let Teachers Service Commission do its work as provided for in the law,” said Kithinji.

Youth leader Kelvin Kiogora said employers should be given a free hand to recruit and promote workers based on merit and not political patronage.

He wondered why a civil servant would demand promotion when they had not proved worthy of the same.

“Time has come for employers to recruit and promote workers based on merit and not political patronage.

Bringing a new face to head the institution will be the beginning of its downfall and we urge TSC to promote the deputy due to his proven track record,” noted Kiogora.

The group has vowed to call for a countywide protest in case Mr. Gituma is not promoted to head the school.

By John Majau

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