KCPE results cast doubt on KNEC’s integrity

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The release of the KCPE results a week ago was met with criticism and complaints surrounding inconsistencies and errors, casting a shadow of doubt over the integrity and credibility of the examination body KNEC.

KNEC has come under scrutiny, particularly due to complaints about identical marks being assigned to entire classes in certain subjects.

Despite KNEC asserting that this did not indicate cheating or irregularities, the examination body acknowledged the existence of pertinent issues in the results.

Notably, delays in the short code SMS platform further exacerbated the situation, prompting an ongoing investigation by KNEC.

The Vice President of the Law Society of Kenya Faith Odhiambo has called upon KNEC to conduct an audit of the results in response to mounting concerns raised by various stakeholders.

She emphasized the urgency of addressing these concerns, underscoring the impact on students’ peace of mind, especially as the festive season approaches.

She expressed concern that the credibility of the council, renowned for its history of credible tests, is now in question.

With the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) marking takes off, Odhiambo urges KNEC to swiftly rectify the identified discrepancies.

She emphasized the need for the council to assure candidates and their families that the KCPE was administered with integrity and competence.

In response to the widespread discontent, Members of Parliament, led by Tinderet MP Julius Melly and Timothy Kipchumba Toroitich of Marakwet West, have announced plans to summon Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu to address the perceived incompetence.

Melly, who chairs the National Assembly Education Committee, stressed the necessity of probing the results to ensure fairness and credibility in the examination process.

From last year’s controversies surrounding the KCSE results, the KNEC seemingly did not take up lessons. The brewing discontent and suspicion is a cause for worry.

As the council gets to the bottom of this matter, if indeed it is doing that, it should be kept in mind that the lives of innocent children are at stake and correction must be forthcoming.

By Viola Chepkemoi

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