KCPE achievers from needy families seek aid for secondary education

15-year-old Juliet Mmbone from Kyamulendu Primary who scored 359

As Kenya’s KCPE exam candidates revel in their results, three pupils from underprivileged families in Machakos County are earnestly seeking financial assistance to pursue their secondary education.

Speaking during an interview in Tala town, Alexander Muiwa, 14, who took the exam at Kyamulendu Primary School in Matungulu Sub-county, achieved an impressive 405 marks and is set to join Mang’u High School next year.

14-year-old Alexander Muiwa from Kyamulendu Primary who scored 405

Despite facing numerous challenges, including intermittent school attendance due to a lack of food, Alexander remains determined to become a pilot.

In a plea for support, he revealed that his single mother is unable to finance his school fees.

“My life has been a struggle, and I am appealing to well-wishers to help me achieve my dream of becoming a pilot because my mother, who is single, is unable to raise money for my school fees,” he expressed.

Juliet Mmbone, attaining 359 marks at Kyamulendu Primary School, faces financial hurdles preventing her from attending Alliance Girls High School.

Living with her aunt after being abandoned by her mother, Juliet spoke of her struggles, including going to school without breakfast and lacking essential school supplies.

“My dreams to pursue a career in medicine have been rocked by doubts and despair after my aunt indicated she was unable to afford my school fees,” she revealed, emphasizing that her aunt, relying on manual labor, cannot cover the expenses.

Onesmus Mwendwa, a 13-year-old who scored 392 marks at Kathithyamaa Primary School, is seeking financial aid to continue his education.

13-year-old Onesmus Mwendwa from Kathithyamaa Primary who scored 392

Enduring extreme poverty and lacking basic needs, Onesmus dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon.

Despite facing challenges such as hunger and financial instability, Onesmus diligently read ahead of teachers and completed assignments on time.

“It wasn’t a smooth passing the exam. I almost dropped out of school due to a lack of food to eat or to carry to school to eat during lunchtime sometimes. Our neighbors assist us with food. My parents did not have any stable source of income,” he stated.

By Gastone Valusi

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