KCATS participants asked to use their expert knowledge to craft a good document

KNQA Council Chairperson Stanley Kiptis.

Participants in the Kenya Credit Accumulation and Transfer System (KCATS) workshop have been asked to leverage their diverse expertise to get a good policy document that will guide the implementation of qualifications frameworks as the meeting gets underway.

Speaking at the official opening of the conference, chairperson of the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) Council Stanley Kiptis urged the participants to scrutinize every aspect of the KCATS system policy, ensuring alignment with national and international goals.

He encouraged them to work together for the collective goal of ensuring the relevance, portability, and global competitiveness of qualifications.

He said the multi-agency and multi-sectorial team, bringing together diverse expertise, is anticipated to produce a well-considered national document.

The multi-sectorial workshop to review Kenya credit accumulation and transfer system is happening today at Lake Naivasha Resort Hotel.

Highlighting the collaborative nature of the qualifications landscape in Kenya, Kiptis expressed his gratitude to the Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu and the TVET Principal Secretary (PS) Dr Esther Muoria for their unwavering support in the effective implementation of the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KNQF).

He further acknowledged the dedication of KNQA management and staff and their commitment to the execution of the Authority’s mandate, including the development of national policies to ensure quality, credibility and relevance of national qualifications.

The workshop, occurring in the context of implementing recommendations of the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms (PWPER), specifically addresses the support for the progression and mobility of TVET graduates through credit transfer.

Kiptis emphasized the regional and global significance of implementing the KCATS policy, citing its role as a key enabler for the portability of qualifications and skills.

Expressing confidence in the collective efforts of the participants, he anticipated the workshop ending with a comprehensive draft policy framework.

By Viola Chepkemoi

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