KCA University enters partnership with UK varsities to tackle climate change

KCA, Nottingham Business School students during a workshop at the University's Thika Road Campus in Ruaraka, Nairobi. Photo; Kamau Njoroge

KCA University has commenced the inaugural Learning and Design Lab under the UK-Kenya University Partnerships initiative to address climate change.

In conjunction with the British Council, this innovative programme is under the Going Global partnerships, bringing together UK and Kenyan universities with industry partners from Kenya to address climate resilience challenges through collaborative solutions.

Other universities in the programme include Rongo University (Kenya), Nottingham University Business School (UK), KCA University, University of Portsmouth (UK), Strathmore University (Kenya), and Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (UK).

KCA University has received Ksh6 million through the programme to participate.

The first 5-day Learning and Design Lab to be held in Nairobi will provide a platform for 20 students from KCA University and Nottingham University Business School to co-create human-centered solutions to specific climate challenges posed by an industry partner.

Through interactive workshops and activities, participants will engage in hands-on learning experiences aimed at driving meaningful impact.


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The university Vice Chancellor (VC) and CEO Prof Isaiah Wakindiki in an interview said that the two institutions have already initiated a student exchange programme focused on developing innovative solutions to enhance climate resilience.

“Under this programme, students from both institutions will collaborate to identify, develop and implement practical solutions to real-world challenges related to climate change. Climate change presents a complex and urgent challenge that requires innovative and interdisciplinary approaches,” Prof Wakindiki said.

The VC averred that through the collaboration, students will have the opportunity to work together, leveraging their unique perspectives and expertise to develop holistic solutions that address the multifaceted aspects of climate resilience.

“Through this initiative, KCA and other Kenyan universities will empower students with innovative problem-solving methods and foster collaboration with peers from diverse backgrounds,” he said.

Prof Wakindiki noted that the immersive experience provided by the partnership offers students the chance to tackle real-world challenges, hone their skills and gain invaluable practical knowledge before entering the world of work as employees or venturing into entrepreneurship.

He quipped that UK universities will on the other hand have opportunities to enhance their understanding of Kenya as their students engage in a new context, developing their skills through hands-on collaboration with Kenyan counterparts.

The programme, he added, also aims to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in universities by facilitating deeper engagement between higher education institutions and industry stakeholders.

Meanwhile, industry partners involved in the programme, including Chemolex, Greenspoon and Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment, will explore key challenges and identify opportunities for innovation and the development of new products and services.

Collaborating with a diverse group of talented and motivated students, the partners stand to gain valuable perspectives and creative solutions to their most pressing business challenges.

The British Council has appointed Circle Innovation, whose expertise in innovation practices is well-established across the region, to facilitate the Learning and Design Labs.

By Kamau Njoroge

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