Kakamega KNUT branch secretary warns TSC over NSSF deductions from teachers’ salary


KNUT executive secretary Kakamega County branch Tom Ingolo has raised concerns over NSSF deductions on teachers’ salaries.

Ingolo said deductions which are being made from teachers’ pay slips beginning from the Month of July 1st this year were unfair and illegal.

Speaking to education news in Kakamega town he said teachers have two pension schemes which are non-contributory and contributory for teachers aged 45 years and below.

Through the provident fund, a teacher contributes 7.5 percent and the TSC issues another 7.5 percent.

He added that teachers are perturbed to have two pension schemes and yet NSSF was meant for permanent and pensionable staff.

“As a union, we are calling for our employer to stop further deductions towards NSSF.  Teachers’ payslip is badly off,  in fact, it’s in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)” He said.

At the same time, Ingolo reiterated that there was an acute shortage of teachers in both primary and Junior Secondary Schools.

He urged TSC to consider the many teachers who are still out of employment in this country.

“We are also calling upon Parliament to allocate more funds to TSC to mitigate on the already strained workload for the few teachers, especially in the Junior secondary schools.” He said

“The JSS has even one teacher to teach fourteen learning areas. We are asking TSC to come up with affirmative action to employ teachers as per the year of graduation without basing on the marking schemes which inconveniences teachers who graduated as early as 2009” He added

Diploma-trained teachers he exclaimed may be irrelevant and the training is so costly yet some of them are aging some about 45 years.

He appealed to TSC to mop them and employ all teachers so that the money invested by the government can be put to a useful value.

“The teachers will be able to exhibit their knowledge and skills acquired during their training.” He reiterated

By Hilda Atika

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