Kabuchai MP vows to transform lives through education

Kabuchai MP Majimbo Kalasinga with a student during the bursary distribution where he vowed to uplift the lives of residents through education.

Kabuchai MP Majimbo Kalasinga   has  reiterated  his  commitment  to  boosting  education  standards  in  the  area to transform the lives of residents.

Addressing  parents, students and  other  education  stakeholders  at  the  NGCDF  offices  in Musese after distributing bursary funds worth  Ksh10  million to  students  from  outside  Kabuchai, the  MP  called  upon  learners to focus purely on their  studies so  as  to  secure  their future.

According  to  Majimbo,  many  students  especially in  day  schools  give in  to  peer  pressure  to  engage in drug and substance abuse, causing major problems like school unrest and teenage pregnancies.

The  MP  noted  that  education  is  the  only  equalizer  in  society  which  can  help  bridge  the  gap  between  the  rich  and  the  poor, hinting  that  he will use his legislative privileges to ensure that no child remains at home for lack of fees.

On  the  E-citizen  school  fees  payment  model  proposed by  the government, Majimbo  said that   many  vulnerable  students  are  at  risk  of  dropping  out  of  school as  most parents in rural areas pay in kind.

He said the government should reconsider this new policy as it is more likely to inconvenience parents and schools, given its penchant to withhold funds as the release of capitation funds attests.


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Achola Bulimo Mathews

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