JSS teachers say money to confirm all interns should not be diverted

JSS teachers during demonstrations for confirmation as permanent and pensionable. Kirinyaga JSS teachers asking for employment of all of them may have come a little too late as the Finance Bill has been trashed.

Junior Secondary School (JSS) interns in Kirinyaga have urged the government not to divert money to confirm them to permanent terms to other vote heads, asking that all 46,000 and not 26,000 should be confirmed as Ndindi Nyoro was proposing.

The JSS teachers appealed to Parliament not to deduct, divert or transfer confirmation funds.

Their spokesperson Moses Gachoki stated that President William Ruto did say on Sunday that 46,000 JSS interns will be confirmed and employed on a permanent basis.

He said the president is the final authority and that there is no other employee who is supposed to go against his word.

“The president did say before God and men of God while in Nyahururu that the 46,000 JSS interns will be confirmed and employed on permanent basis. Our main issue is with Ndindi Nyoro who wants to divert the money to other uses; we are telling him not to touch it,” said Gachoki.

Martin Njue said the clause that is holding the confirmation money should be protected.

Their voice however may have been overtaken by events, as the Finance Bill that had budgeted for this cause has already been rejected by the president.


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By Jane Mugambi

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