JSS teachers demand placement in secondary school

A JSS class in an Integrated Science lesson. Photo file

Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers have demanded that the system should transition from primary to secondary schools.

JSS teachers who spoke to Education News stated that alternatively, senior teachers who have attained promotion status in secondary schools should assume leadership roles.

“We are facing major challenges, reaching a point where confrontations are not uncommon,” they noted.

Reportedly, despite pleas for facilitation, authorities claim financial constraints, even as unutilized funds linger in capitation accounts.

They further asserted that the allocation for co-curricular activities raises eyebrows, as headteachers assume roles such as games teachers, a phenomenon unheard of even in secondary schools.

Additionally, they highlighted that teachers, holding graduate degrees, contribute to tea and lunch expenses, while students pay substantial annual fees of Ksh. 10, 000.

Addressing concerns to KUPPET, they highlighted the issue of contributions appearing on pay slips, despite teachers being managed by KNUT, raises questions about organizational alignment and representation.

“Another discontent lies in subject teaching, where Grade 7 teachers are sent to instruct subjects meant for lower grades,” they argued.

The teachers further revealed that headteachers conduct meetings with board members, sidestepping teacher inclusion and later adding their names and signatures to minutes without their knowledge.

By Viola Chepkemoi

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