Joy as all 6,000 candidates in day secondary schools in Bondo get KSh65 million bursary

Bondo MP Dr Gideon Ochanda with students. Photo: Erick Nyayiera

Bondo NG-CDF has released KSh65 million for all the over 6,000 2024 KCSE candidates in the day secondary schools in the constituency.

The move is a sigh of relief for the form four parents who have been relieved off the stress of fees and will only be needed to accord the candidates the other support including emotional to ensure they do well in their studies ahead of the KCSE.

Speaking when he concluded his tour of cheque disbursement across the 33 day secondary schools, area MP Dr Gideon Ochanda noted he was satisfied that all the candidates in his constituency studying in the day schools will not be out of school for fees and that he was only looking forward to better performance in the KCSE.

“As a constituency, we invest a lot of resources in education to ensure our students especially in form four are made to study without any interference of having to be out of school for lack of school fees. We have purposed to pay KSh10,000 for every candidate across all day schools which brings the total paid to the day schools to KSh60 million shillings,” he explained.

According to the MP, an additional KSh5 million have also been paid for students studying outside the constituency to help in offsetting the fees arrears.

The successes of the education support programme for the Bondo Constituency over the last few years in Dr Ochanda’s tenure has been appreciated by stakeholders who have termed the programme as well thought out and effective.


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Secondary school principals in Bondo have overwhelmingly appreciated the gesture by the MP observing that without the continued support of the NG-CDF to schools over the years, the situation would have been pathetic in terms of school fees payment by parents who owe schools huge arrears.

Bondo Township Secondary Principal Benson Okoth said that if it were not for the support of the NG-CDF in his school, the improved performance would have been a tall order since most students come from humble homes and cannot promptly pay fees.

“Honestly speaking, the situation in Bondo Constituency is very different from other regions. With the meagre resources in schools occasioned by delayed capitation from the Government, our schools would be literally collapsing without the continued support of the NG-CDF,” stated Okoth.

The support to other students in form one, two, and three, however has been pegged on a certain parameter. In his wisdom, the MP will require students in lower forms to be able to work harder and attain grade C in order to benefit from the scholarship.

“The intention is not to lock any student out; we want to ensure they work hard so that they can qualify for good courses when they exit secondary schools. With this target, we expect students with the close monitoring of their parents to continue studying hard to be able to get scholarships from the NG-CDF and I’m proud that it is already bearing fruits,” he said.

On the schools’ infrastructure, the NG-CDF has done a tremendous work in refurbishment of school facilities across schools.

Education newspaper was able to establish that the facelift across primary schools was top notch including schools that had suffered decades of neglect. He has also overseen the construction to completion of Technical Training Institute at Got Ramogi in Usigu Sub- County among other improvements of schools in the Islands of Lake Victoria.

By Erick Nyayiera

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