Jobless graduates advised to volunteer, start small businesses instead of idling

Kisii County Governor Simba Arati addressing unemployed registered nurses at his Kisii Stadium Office.

Kisii County Governor Simba Arati has urged graduates and secondary school leavers to involve themselves in productive activities such as small businesses instead of idling their time away.

He said that the activities will not only keep them occupied but also help them earn a living.

“Do not sit idle at home and expect manna to drop from the heavens. Seize any opportunity available and try to make your ends meet,” he said.

Arati suggested that they start volunteering with local hotels, hospitals and schools to expose their skills and enrich their networks and employment opportunities.

The County chief made the remarks while addressing more than 200 registered but unemployed nurses at his office in Kisii Stadium, where he noted that there is high competition in the current job market and one could not afford to be selective and limit themselves to the course they studied for.

“We are here today to take the exact record of unemployed registered nurses in our county to prioritize them during job placements when opportunities arise,” he said.

Further, Arati urged the youth to alcoholism and drug abuse to guarantee a productive and satisfying life.

By Enock Okong’o

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