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The 13th edition of the JKUAT Tech Expo has concluded with Aqua Coin claiming the top spot, securing a prize of Ksh.100,000 for their innovative prepaid water management system.

This system empowers consumers to monitor and advocate for mindful water usage, addressing challenges in revenue collection, water wastage, and transparency in water management.

The innovator behind Aqua Coin Mugendi Mugi stressed the importance of safe drinking water as a fundamental human right and a crucial aspect of public health and economic development.

In the second position was Pill Pro, a groundbreaking medical innovation revolutionizing medication management in hospitals.

By integrating an automated pill dispenser with a web-based platform, Pill Pro addresses issues of medication adherence, patient safety, and real-time monitoring, providing healthcare providers unprecedented control and accuracy in medication administration.

Claiming the third spot was the Warehouse Robot System, a solution enhancing visibility, traceability, and inventory management within warehouse operations through integration with the warehouse management system and robotics.

During the opening ceremony, Ag. Director General of the Kenya Qualification Authority Dr. Alice Kande commended the students for their innovative spirits and encouraged them to ensure their innovations benefit society.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi called for government and private sector support in incubating and commercializing students’ innovations. She challenged innovators to actively support the government’s development agenda.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jackson Kwanza, urged students to make innovation a cultural norm, harnessing their potential for sustainable development in Kenya.

The Expo showcased 22 innovations spanning various fields, including health, climate change, water and sanitation, construction sciences, energy, engineering, and agriculture.

Attendees, including staff, students, and industry players, engaged with these innovations, ultimately awarding the People’s Choice Award to the Transporter innovation. This app addresses traffic flow, fare politics, and passenger overloading using Real-Time Operating Systems, IoT devices, and GIS.

She urged them to leverage available research resources and entities, such as the National Research Fund, to bring their innovations to the market.

The opening ceremony featured addresses from JKUAT Tech Expo Chairman, Michael Waititu, and JKUAT Tech Expo Event Organizer, Prisca Orori.

The expo included a panel discussion with industry and government experts focusing on navigating the future of innovation and transforming ideas into successful businesses.

The goal was to provide aspiring innovators with a roadmap, equipping them with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to navigate from ideation to successful commercialization.

Established in 2009, the JKUAT Tech Expo, an annual student-led event, aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and education by supporting and promoting students’ innovative ideas nationwide.

By Kamau Njoroge

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