JKUAT holds annual cultural week

Some of the Borana students at JKUAT.

The Office of the Dean of Students of JKUAT in collaboration with the Office of the President Jomo Kenyatta University Students Association (JKUSA) has orchestrated an annual cultural week event.

Themed “Cultural Diversity: Fabric of Africa Society,” the event facilitated an inclusive representation of diverse cultures, talents, arts, food, and fashion within the JKUAT fraternity and neighboring communities.

The Dean of Students Prof. Fredah Wanzala graced the event, encouraging students to learn from one another, celebrate diversity, and build lasting bonds.

“The purpose was to provide a dynamic platform for students to bolster national cohesion and celebrate diversity by showcasing their cultures,” Prof. Wanzala stated.

Students from various ethnic communities, including Maa, Agikuyu, Borana, Ameru, Dholuo, Akamba, and Luhyas, participated in presenting their fashion, food, and performances.

Cultural expressions, encompassing traditional dances, music recitals, and theatrical productions, captivated the audience, offering both entertainment and a powerful medium for cultural education.

“This event is a manifestation of our commitment to fostering understanding, respect, and appreciation for the diverse cultures that coexist within our academic family,” she remarked.

JKUSA President Brain Mutevu commended students for their commitment to the event and their willingness to share their cultures.

“We have created a space where cultures converge, traditions thrive, and understanding flourishes,” he noted.

Mutevu additionally said that to promote inclusivity, the organizing committee arranged interactive sessions, allowing students to learn basic phrases in different languages, experience traditional dances, and savor unique African dishes.

These activities aimed to break down cultural barriers and foster unity within the JKUAT community.

By Kamau Njoroge

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