ISMA Feeding Programme donates food to KCPE, KPSEA candidates in Kericho

MCA Isaack Matker giving out his donation.

Over 1, 200 KPSEA and KCPE candidates from Kapkugerwet Ward, Kericho County have received food donations from ISMA Feeding Programme.

These candidates were from Keongo, Township, Chemugusu, Sumeyon, Keongo Junior, St.Patricks and Kimugu Primary Schools.

Speaking during the donations, ISMA patron who is also the nominated Member of Kericho County Assembly, Isma Matker, stressed that these donations aimed to support pupils from vulnerable backgrounds in their pursuit of examinations, ensuring that hunger wouldn’t distract them.

Matker reiterated the vital role education plays in breaking the cycle of poverty, emphasizing its significance in preventing the transmission of poverty between generations.

The pupils, filled with joy and gratitude, expressed their heartfelt thanks to the patron of the Isma Feeding Programme.

Matker underlined the importance of encouragement for the candidates, citing its role in nurturing child maturity and optimal adult health.

He emphasized that encouragement, when compared to criticism, bears numerous benefits, such as building self-confidence, improving motivation, success, self-esteem, and validation.

The local community celebrated this generous donation and urged other leaders to contribute to make the feeding program a county-wide reality.

Matker extended his best wishes for success to the candidates and promised to continue the Annual ISMA feeding program.

The head teacher of Kericho Township Primary Wyclife Owino on behalf of other school heads, encouraged other leaders to join the feeding program, emphasizing the importance of assisting pupils from vulnerable families.

By Benedict Ngetich

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