Increase interns’ salaries to cushion from high cost of living, TSC urged

Garissa KUPPET Executive Secretary Melchizedek Inguza.

Garissa KUPPET Executive Secretary Melkazadeck Inguza has called on the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to increase the monthly stipend for intern teachers to cushion them from the current economic hard times.

He noted that despite the government recently increasing teachers’ salaries, interns did not receive a cent although the 1.5% Housing levy was added to their deductions in addition to NHIF and NSSF.

“Interns earn a Ksh20,000 monthly salary. Out of that amount, they pay the 1.5% Housing levy, NHIF and NSSF. How are they supposed to cope and move on?” posed the KUPPET boss.

He added: “With the current economy, interns’ lives are like playing a game of Russian roulette.”

The KUPPET boss further lamented that interns in hardship areas are experiencing a logistic nightmare considering the poor and expensive transport system, poor accommodation and expensive but erratic food supply.

Inguza urged the TSC to improve terms for the interns in order to attract more students into the teaching profession.

By Amoto Ndiewo

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