Inclusive model of education is more beneficial to special needs learners

The writer is a student at Rongo University, Migori County.

Providing quality education for learners with special needs is a critical and complex challenge facing schools and communities around the world.

These learners, who may have physical, cognitive, social, emotional, or behavioural disabilities, require specialized instructional approaches, adaptive technologies and dedicated support to reach their full potential.

One key aspect of supporting learners with special needs is the principle of inclusive education. This means educating them alongside their neurotypical peers to the greatest extent possible, rather than isolating them in separate classrooms or schools.

Inclusive education has been shown to benefit learners with special needs academically, socially, and emotionally, helping them develop important skills and relationships. It also promotes understanding and acceptance among all learners.

However, inclusive education requires significant resources and teacher training to be implemented effectively. Schools must have small class sizes, specialized curricula, assistive technologies and well-prepared educators who can accommodate a diverse range of learning needs. Funding for these support structures is often lacking, leading to frustration for teachers and unmet needs for learners.

Another crucial element is collaborating with families of these learners. Parents and guardians know their children best and can provide invaluable insights to educators. Building strong school-family partnerships helps ensure a cohesive, student-centered approach to education and support services.

While the challenges are substantial, many schools and districts are making strides in special education. Through inclusive practices, innovative teaching methods and family engagement, they are helping learners with diverse needs thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

As society continues to prioritize equity in education, the future for learners with special needs is bright.


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By Tonny Kyule

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