IEBC presides over successful elections at Lions School Embu

Some young voters cast their votes to elect their preferred candidates.

IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) has presided over elections of Student Council members in Lions Primary School in Embu town as a way of fostering a culture of democracy and good governance.

The Manyatta Constituency IEBC team led by its Returning Officer Caleb Gikonde conducted voter education, monitored campaigns and oversaw the election process to ensure accountability and transparency.

Speaking during the event, the school head Nancy Waeni said their move was a way of preparing children early enough to embrace democracy and inculcate the interest of leadership in them.

She said this was the first time they were conducting elections under the guidance of IEBC, noting that the pupils had an opportunity to elect their preferred President and the Students Council.

Voters seem to know what they are doing, their age notwithstanding.
 They take their pick and leave quietly.

“It’s a milestone for our school that today we are holding our election under the IEBC and the pupils are happy after choosing the president, governors and ministers for various departments,” said Waeni.She noted that the candidates vying for various seats were given an opportunity to campaign, being given platforms to address pupils while on parade.

Waeni noted that candidates had their manifestos and that is what they were selling to their colleagues.

Paul Peace was the chairman of the election board that ensured that no one voter was offered gifts to influence the votes.

“Giving sweets or use of money was prohibited during the campaigns,” he said.

In the election, Clarice Nyambura was elected as President with 133 vote, Peter Gichohi coming second with 114 votes. Priya Nyaguthii was third with 97 and Victor Murimi took position four with 28 votes.

The total number of votes cast for this seat which was highly contested was 378; valid votes were 372, spoiled votes were 4 and stray ballots 2.

For Governor, Junior Secondary School’s Angel Shirleen had 88 votes, Sophia Wangari was second with 42 votes, Aisha Ali came third with 15 votes and Ethan Mukua took the fourth position after garnering 12 votes.

For the primary school section, Abigael Wakapima won with 63 votes, Janice Muthoni garnered 56 votes, Esther Ngatha came third with 34, Kennedy Njagi got 30, Prince Davis got 24 and Annia Mwania had 6 votes.

By Brian Kaleti

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