Humanitarian organization begins infrastructure overhaul in Bungoma ECDE centres

Eunice Imbwenya, Bungoma County Director of Education and Vocational Training

Save the Children (SoS) has taken steps to restore the image of Early Child Development Education (ECDE) classrooms in Bungoma County, which are generally in a deplorable state and in need immediate overhaul.

The organization has launched a 3-year ‘Breadth of Skills’ project that is seeking to improve the learning environment for the learners.

Other counties that are benefiting from the project include Turkana and Wajir, and Daadab Camp in Garissa County.

Eunice Imbwenya, Bungoma County Director of Education and Vocational Training, applauded the organization for implementing the project, saying it has enabled them to create a better learning environment for children.

“These kinds of engagements have really enabled my department to ensure that our children are getting the best curriculum and the best teaching and learning resources,” she said.

She noted that the organization has been able to facilitate the drafting of the ECDE policies as well as the feeding programme policies.

Alfred Eure, county Public Health Officer, said the department is working closely with that of education to ensure that ECDE learners are learning in a conducive environment.

“We shall move around centres to ascertain that they have clean sanitation, playgrounds and hand washing places,” he added.

By Tony Wafula

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