Huge investment in ECDE, VTC raises enrollment exponentially in Kisumu

Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang Nyong'o.

The County Government of Kisumu has put huge investments in Early Child Development and Education (ECDE) and Vocational Training Centres (VTC), resulting in an exponential increase in enrollment in the last ten years.

“Presently, the ECDE enrollment in the last 10 years is 788,979 while the centres in the same span are 10,648,” Chief Officer (CO) of the Department of Education, Technical Training Innovations and Social Services Fred Osewe said.

He observed that the allocation of funds has narrowed the gap between public and private ECDEs in the region.

“The feeding programme and provision of learning materials has led to increased enrollment, retention and completion evidenced by the narrow variance between private and public ECDE,” he said.

Osewe added that there are 209 VTC centres having 588 trainers despite various challenges facing the education sector in the county.

Fredrick Odiero

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