How to effectively use a microphone in public speaking

The writer trains people on public speaking.

Foremost, being able to speak audibly is important. Audibility enhances clarity. In most cases, when there is no public address system, a good speaker is expected to project the voice. Yet, just to enhance effectiveness of any talk, the host should be keen to provide public address system. Such a provision also saves the speaker.

Fortuitously, in most situations, the speaker will have the privilege of using a microphone. Indeed splendid, the use of the microphone permits the speaker to work with a wide range of volume. Meaning, the speaker can adhere to cadence (intonation): the rise and fall of voice.

In actual sense, these tips will help fellow speakers know how to use the microphone while speaking in public. In case the microphone has an attachment to the podium, it is important to ensure that it extends far enough to make it more effective and efficient.

In a broader sense, in case the microphone has an attachment on the podium or pulpit, the speaker should not allow hands, books, or papers to hit it. Microphones amplify such sounds into loud cacophonous booms. Therefore, cushion the microphone holder to minimise this tendency.

Then, microphones work well when they are within a few inches from the lips. Therefore, do not act as if you want to eat it. Ideally, the microphone should be located at forty degrees angle just below the lips. In case the speaker positions the microphone parallel to the floor and at lip height, there will be a popping sound every time hard consonants such as ‘p’ are puffed.

Consequently, as a speaker, when you speak into a microphone with an attachment on a stand, do not touch, caress, fondle, or even massage it. Do not keep removing the microphone. In case you must remove it, first, stop speaking. Then remove it carefully. In the same token, never adjust a gooseneck microphone holder without first removing it.

Moreover, do not fondle or massage the microphone and its stand. This is common among singers and entertainers. It is wrong use of microphones. Stay close to the microphone. Speakers who are not used to microphones atavistically act as if they can suffer from electrocution.

Finally, always adjust the sound level and height of the microphone before you begin speaking. Then, leave it alone. Do not hit the microphone hard or blow your breath inside it as a way of testing its functionality. That could be the height of primitivity. Do not fill the crown of the microphone with your saliva. This can destroy it. Also, remember other people will use the microphone.


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By Victor Ochieng’

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