How teachers in grades C4, C5, D4 and D5 lost in new pay deal

TSC Chairman Dr Jamleck Muturi John and CEO Dr Nancy Njeri Macharia display the signed Collective Bargaining Agreement with KUPPET at KSG on August 28

As teachers in some cadres will be smiling to the bank to cash in their new salaries courtesy of the newly signed Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) others will have nothing to smile about.

The salary increment CBA was recently signed between the teachers’ employer Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and teachers unions the Kenya National Unions of Teachers (KNUT) and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), Kenya Union of Special Needs Education Teachers (KUSNET).

According to the salaries reviews for teachersin the CBA, teachers in five pay grades including C4, C5, D4, and D5 were the losers in the new pay hike as they did not receive any salary increment.

Grade C4 and C5 teachers’ salaries will remain at Ksh52, 308 and Ksh62, 272 respectively as their counterparts in grade D4 and D5 salaries remain at Ksh114, 242 and Ksh131, 380 respectively.

The winners of the new pay hike are teachers in grade D1 as they will be receiving a Ksh785 increase on what they are receiving now as their counterparts in grade B5 will get a minimum pay rise of Ksh2, 074 on their current salary of Ksh21, 756 to Ksh23, 830.

Those in job group C1 will get a salary of Ksh29, 797 from Ksh27, 195 representing an increase of Ksh2, 592.

Consequently, teachers in job group C2 will get an increase of Ksh3, 331, that’s from Ksh34, 995 to Ksh38, 286.

D1 teachers will get Ksh785 more from Ksh77, 840 to Ksh78, 625, those in D2 will have an increase of Ksh1, 455 from Ksh91, 041 to Ksh92, 496.

Grade D3 will get Ksh1, 399 more from Ksh104, 644 to Ksh106, 043. C3 teachers will earn a minimum wage of Ksh45, 671 from Ksh43, 154 that they were earning before.

By Vostine Ratemo

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