How different personalities of people respond to situations

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Angela Basset aptly put it, “Don’t settle for average, bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all that you had.”

Day in day out, valuable ideas crisscross our mortal minds, but how do we respond to the ideas? Multiple solutions to some of the persistent problems affecting us present themselves in our minds moment after moment, but do we really consider them?

Below are different ways in which different kind of people respond to ideas from keen scrutiny of Robert Schuller’s Tough times never last, but tough people do:

  1. Insecure people hibernate

They run away from good ideas. Such kind of people either fear failure or think that they might have to spend too much effort. Thomas J. Watson, the former CEO of IBM said, “The fastest way to succeed, is to double your failure rate.” Insecure people are afraid of Thomas Watson’s formula of success. According to them, it is better to remain cosy in their average lives, and use not even a scintilla of their efforts in responding to any ideas.

  1. Lazy people Luxuriate

They want to enjoy life through its pleasures. They hate with passion things that make life hard for them. They object with certainty the wise words of Robert Schuller, “When faced with a mountain, don’t quit. Keep on striving until climb over, find a through tunnel underneath – or simply stay and turn the mountain into a goldmine.” For them, pleasures precede pressures, and certainly, the pressures are slotted for the future; not anytime soon. Simply ideas are not given attention.

  1. Wounded people commiserate

Often, they say it is a good idea, but they cannot do it. They have tried it before and it never worked. People of this ilk are punctured by their past and blind-folded by serious pessimism. They have accepted to be ruled by their past wounds. What they forget is, ideas are dependent on their current response and action, not the past. Most importantly, one should nurse the wounds and respond accordingly to the procession of new ideas.

  1. Foolish people procrastinate

“I can always attempt it next time,” spices the talk and thoughts of the esteemed procrastinators. They always put off acting on the ideas, forgetting that one will never get ready for something. For even Myles Munroe says in his book Waiting and Dating that “If you think you are ready to date, then you are not, but if you think you are not ready to date, then you are ready. Just take action. The right time will seemingly never present itself.

  1. Wise people dedicate

To the wise, it is either ‘now’ or ‘right now’. They are branded the do-it-now people. Such kind of legends are worth emulation. Furthermore, they are cognizant of the fact that, “Winning starts with beginning” and “to begin you must do something now.” I strongly believe with deep conviction that ‘do-it-now” is the solution to it all. Embrace the idea, embrace the opportunity.


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By Daniel Muinde

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