Homes burnt in Kisii over witchcraft claims sparked by death of child


A family in Raganga village, Kisii County, is seeking assistance to rebuild their lives after their home was set ablaze due to witchcraft accusations following the tragic death of their 4-year-old nursery school son, Richard Monaris.

The Area Nyumba Kumi Chairman Robert Muko confirmed the incident.

He said that upon receiving the news, he alerted the police, who swiftly intervened and rescued the family, albeit after their house had been reduced to ashes.

Muko stated that the troubles began when the child passed away after a brief illness.

The villagers, desperate to understand the cause of the child’s death, implicated the mother, suspecting her of having malevolent intentions.

“In response, they set fire to their house in an attempt to harm her,” he lamented.

Muko said that Monaris and his remaining children managed to escape the inferno, spending the night in a local church.

“I lost everything, including the Ksh. 50,000 that I had saved from my tea bonus to pay school fees for my two daughters in secondary school,” Monaris lamented.

He further appealed to any well-wishers for support in the form of food, financial assistance, clothing, and bedding to help him and his family start anew.

Marani Subcounty Police Commander James Mwaniki strongly condemned the attack and assured that the security officers have launched an investigation to apprehend the suspects responsible for the arson, ensuring they face legal consequences for their actions.

By Enock Okongo

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