Homa Bay teachers demand review of Career Progression Guidelines

Homabay Branch Executive Secretary, Stephen Yogo.

Teachers in Homa Bay, represented by the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Homa Bay branch, are calling for a comprehensive review of the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG).

The call comes after their branch’s Annual General Meeting held at Nyandhiwa Teachers Training College (TTC) today.

The CPG, as expressed by Stephen Yogo, the branch’s Executive Secretary, has led to an extended period of stagnation within specific job groups for teachers.

Furthermore, they are advocating for the introduction of hardship allowances in Suba North, Suba South, and Rachuonyo North.

Despite the absence of top national union leaders at the AGM, Yogo has affirmed that the issues raised by the teachers will be conveyed to the national executive board during their upcoming meeting scheduled for the following Tuesday.

Responses are expected to be provided during the Union Annual Delegates Conference (ADC).

The concerns voiced by the teachers encompass various deductions from their payslips, enduring prolonged stagnation, and difficulties arising from interactions with certain principals.

“The teachers of Kenya are unquestionably grappling with financial challenges due to continuous deductions from their salaries imposed by the government,” Yogo stated.

By Roy Hezron

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