Hiring of 1,300 TVET trainers underway, PS Mworia says

PS Esther Mworia awards certificates to heads of TVETS in Kisumu

The State Department for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has announced that the recruitment of some 1,300 trainers is underway.

The Principal Secretary State Department for TVET Dr. Esther Mworia said today that the recently concluded recruitment of trainers is under processing.

Mworia said the report was forwarded to the Public Service Commission and as soon as they receive the feedback, the 1,300 trainers will be posted possibly in September.

On the issue of appeals, Dr Mworia said, the report too was forwarded to the commission and is being worked on.

“Let me also note that the State Department for TVET is working on the issue of deployment of deputy principals.” She said.

Mworia was speaking in Kisumu at the close of a five-day workshop for TVET heads drawn from across the country.

She urged all TVET Principals, to be proactive in engaging in Government projects ranging from the construction of County Aggregation Industrial Parks, Affordable Housing Projects and Roads Construction.

This, she noted, is key because projects will double up as training grounds for students.

Dr. Mworia reminded the heads to keep in mind that they are not working on this endeavour alone, but are part of a network of skilled and self-driven people who are making positive changes in the TVET space.

“Over the past year, we have embarked on a journey of learning, collaboration, and growth to shape the future of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with Kenya School of TVET- KSTVET) under GOK/AFDB Project Phase II on Public Finance Management and Governance funding, has so far trained 1,896 TVET faculty and staff, which is 60% of the target population.

The pool of trainees was cross-cutting and well-balanced to include Principals, Deputy Principals, Registrars, Heads of Departments, Finance Officers, Auditors, Accountants, Human Resource Officers and Facility Managers.” she said.

Dr. Mworia said Special interest in financial management and governance issues in the TVET sector should be handled with a lot of diligence for the success of all departments with a keen focus on budgeting, procurement, transparency, accountability, and efficient governance procedures among others.

She noted these concepts are the cornerstone of well-functioning and sustainable TVET institutions.

As TVET managers, Mworia said, TVET heads hold a critical role in shaping the trajectory of our educational landscape.

She said their decisions and actions have a profound impact on students, educators, industries, and the overall socioeconomic development of our nation.

“It is important that we put emphasis on our Kenyan youths by enrolling them on Technical and Vocational Educational Training Institutions (TVETs) and acquiring the necessary skills for their engagement with the industry. “She noted.

The PS said the Government commits to ensuring that all students are supported adequately in their education in the new funding model so that no one is left behind.

“The ball is in our court to maintain steady enrolment by assisting them to access the Government funding now that is up and running so that they are not locked out.’ She said.

Mworia said TVET training is geared towards having graduates who are competent for the industry and labour market.

“It is in this regard that the implementation of CBET courses needs to be given paramount attention and support.’ She said.

Dr. Mworia said the government will continually revise curricula and roll out more curricula to ensure that the courses offered align with the current and future needs of the job market.

The PS said the same will be done by incorporating practical skills, internships, industry-relevant projects, and research collaboration, and students gain hands-on experience and are better prepared to enter the job market.

Earlier Dr. Mworia said the structure set by TVETs and the Jua-Kali Sector to facilitate the certification and upskilling of Jua-Kali artisans through Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment will be realized.

“All of us are encouraged to be the ambassadors in achieving the TVET vision of provision of skilled and globally competitive employable human resources.’ She said.

Fredrick Odiero

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