High school watchman in Thika murdered in violent robbery


A night guard has been murdered and his colleague has sustained serious head cuts after thieves invaded a Karibaribi Secondary School and stole 16 laptops on Wednesday night.

It is reported that a gang consisting of six thugs armed with machetes ambushed the guards and broke all main doors to the administration block of before killing the guard.

The school is about 100 metres away from Karibaribi Police Station and residents and the school fraternity have faulted officers for failing to act quickly.

“It is sinister how the thugs who seemed not to be in a hurry executed their mission without police acting,” the school BOM chairman Hosea Irungu said.

The widow of the murdered guard, Serah Musa, said that her husband worked at a sister school during the day and as a watchman at night to feed their five children.

She appealed to the government to bring her husband’s killers to book, saying that he was the only breadwinner in the family.

This comes after two suspected thugs were shot dead by a police officer as they attempted to break into his house at a nearby estate. Two of their accomplices escaped with gunshot wounds.

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