Gusii leaders, teachers want Britain to produce the head of their freedom fighter

George Nyakundi(backline middle)with Mwanyagetinge Heritage Council Members.

The Mwanyagetinge Heritage Council and retired teachers of the Gusii community have called upon the British government to return the remains of their freedom fighter, Otenyo Nyamaterere, echoing Governor Simba Arati.

Led by their Vice Chairman, Bundusi Bogoko, and Coordinator George Nyakundi, these elders emphasized that during the colonial era, the British not only beheaded Otenyo but also caused extensive harm to their communities.

This harm included the brutalization of women and their daughters, forced displacement from ancestral lands, and confiscation of livestock.

Some of the Teacher Retirees from Kisii County.

“We seek an apology and reconciliation from Britain to rectify the inhumane shame of historical injustices perpetrated against our community,” Obino Nyambane expressed.

As the nation prepares to welcome Prince Charles and Camilla on a state visit, they hope for their support in establishing a heritage center to honor fallen heroes like Otenyo and Moraa Ng’iti, as well as prominent politicians such as the first Senator from Nyamira, George Kebaso, and Kitutu Masaba MP George Anyona.

The elders further encouraged the British government to back educational programs focusing on history and gender-based violence, bridging the gap between Kenya and the UK to help future generations come to terms with the enduring scars of colonial rule, as they prepare to host Prince Charles and Camilla.

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