Grief as University student dies in a gristly road accident

Rongo staff

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Shock and grief engulf Rongo University following the death of a student in a gristly road accident that happened in Awendo.

Liech Tyrus Odiwuo died in hospital while receiving treatment after the tragic road accident in Awendo town.

The education student was taking his Teaching Practice at OLf Rakearo Secondary School in the Southern zone of Migori.

“It is with deep sorrow that I have learned about the passing on of our TP student Liech Tyrus Odiwuor -EDS/248/2019.”Elly Omoso the student coordinator said in a written statement.

According to an eye witness, the victim was riding on a motor bicycle with his colleague when the ordeal befell them.

“They were hit from behind by a speeding Nissan Matatu that lost control rolling over several times.”Said Pamella Aketch.

One of the riders died instantly and Odiwuor died a short while after arriving at the hospital.

The two bodies were preserved at Rosewood, Rongo Hospital Mortuary.

According to the coordinator of teaching practice students Mr.Omoso, the School of Education is at another great loss after they lost another learner who was the University’s student president two months ago.

“The road accident has again taken one of our students after claiming the student president two months ago .”Said the coordinator.

Omoso asked motorists to be more careful with other road users in order to reduce road carnage.

By Enock Okong’o

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