Grief as lost schoolboy found dead, dumped in river


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Residents of Kisii County have been cautioned against leaving their children wandering alone after a boy who disappeared was found dead in a river.

Speaking at Moitunya village, Kisii County Police Officer Dickson Mwaura said cases of children dying from avoidable circumstances were becoming rampant in the area.

The officer was consoling a family that lost their 2-year-old child and his body found in a river.

According to Moitunya sub-location assistant chief John Isaboke, the boy’s mother left him in the house in the evening as she went to buy bread from a nearby shop.

When she came back she found him missing and raised alarm.

The villagers mounted a search for the whole night only to find the body of the deceased in a river on Friday.

The police removed the body to Kisii Teaching and Referral Mortuary Hospital for autopsy and further investigation.

“It seems that the child was killed before the body was dumped in the river,” said the Officer.

He appealed to the bereaved family to remain patient as the police carried investigations on the cause of the death.

The death of the boy comes one month after a Grade 4 girl drowned at Ogonga river in Keragia village of Bomachoge Chache constituency.

Sluder Abuga drowned as she crossed the flooded river to join her father at a church gathering.

She was buried on Friday at Keragia village of Boochi Tendere Ward in Kisii County.

By Enock Okong’o

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