Govt to recruit 20,000 interns every year, President Ruto says

Government to hire interns

President Wiliam Ruto has announced that the government will employ 20,000 interns while the private sector will take in more than 50,000 interns every year.

The president who was speaking during the signing of performance contracts for Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries on Tuesday said the employment of interns is aimed at creating job opportunities for Kenyans.

Ruto said the government has already engaged the private sector and agreed they are going to deliver progressively to 20,000 internships every year.

“The private sector has committed to me that they would deliver up to 50,000 every year, we want to see how we can grow this to 100,000,” Ruto said.

The govt has now a program on what happens when students are out of schools, colleges, and universities.

The internships will give opportunities to interns to practice the skills learned in class in job markets.

“We are looking forward to working on industrial attachments, the ministry is concerned we have agreed on what to do, this was our intention 5 years ago but it was not delivered because of the old culture of making commitments that we didn’t have any intentions to keep,” he said.

The president said they are giving a chance to many young people coming out of college and universities to practice what they have learned either for a year or two years, acquire some experience, and find their way into employment and also into the market.

He said every ministry should be aligned in creating jobs for Kenyans, he said that is part of what they must deliver.

They noted that young people, women, and people living with disabilities should access procurement opportunities.

The government is investing huge resources in education the sector received the largest share of the national budget, it received a total allocation of Sh628.6 billion for the 2023-24 budget.

The govt is deploying more resources for hiring more teachers and delivering TVET programs.

The president further asserted that the government is also pulling out universities from debts caused by the old model of funding by doubling resources.

By Obegi Malack

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