Govt releases Ksh16B capitation funds to public schools

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The National Treasury has released Ksh 16 Billion as capitation funds to all public schools across the country.

The funds are set to be wired to school accounts by September 20,2023>ducation, says the Ministry. 

A statement released to the media today signed by the Principal Secretary State Department for Basic Education Dr. Belio Kipsang stated that Ksh1,758,082,749 has been wired to Junior Secondary Schools, while free primary and free day secondary schools were  allocated Ksh1,562,842,596.88 and Kshs 12,929,057,376.40 respectively.

Kipsang’ announced that all the detailed breakdown has been sent to school accounts in accordance with the government regulations.

This will be a big relief to most schools which were finding it very difficult to run the institutions due to lack of resources. Fears were even rising as the exam season begins. Schools were also struggling to pay suppliers who were demanding over Ksh 29 billion in pending bills.

Last week, the Ministry released a circular announcing disbursement of Ksh.6 billion for Free Primary Education funds to schools but the letter was quietly withdrawn under unclear circumstances. The Government had to write all emails to County Directors of Education advising them to withhold the circulars pending further instructions from the Ministry.

In the 2022/23 financial year, the Ministry of Education is on record for releasing Ksh89,412,854,755 as capitation.

By Andanje Wakhungu

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