Governor Susan Kihika urges students to prioritize studies for brighter future

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika adressing students at MaryMount Secondary School in Molo Sub county

The Governor of Nakuru Susan Kihika has urged secondary school students to prioritize their studies for a brighter future.

Speaking during a strategic plan launching ceremony at the Marymount Secondary School in Molo sub-county, she stressed that in today’s highly competitive world, academic excellence is the key to success.

The Governor, who once attended St. Bishop Gatimu Girls in Nyeri County, shared her personal experience as a student who wholeheartedly devoted herself to academics.

She further noted that this dedication eventually paved the way for her to study law in the United States before entering Kenyan politics.

Additionally, Kihika emphasized the importance of a solid educational background, urging students to excel in their secondary education and university studies, as doing so opens doors to countless opportunities.

She also gave a stern warning to young women, advising them against engaging in behaviours that could hinder their future prospects.

Addressing the female students in particular, Kihika stressed the need for them to work harder than their male counterparts, emphasizing that success is not handed to anyone solely based on their gender.

Kihika encouraged young girls to prove their capabilities by striving for top grades in all subjects, ensuring that their certificates shine with excellence.

Also in attendance were the Nakuru County Education CEC Ziporrah, Nakuru County Director of Education Victoria Mulili, Molo MP Kuria Kimani, Molo Sub-County Director of Education Sylvester Musikoyo, and secondary school principals from Molo Sub-County.

By Otuoro

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