Government urged to streamline bursaries for the benefit of most needy

Meru DG Mutuma M'Ithinkia (seated left), Senator Kathuri Murungi (centre ) and EK Foundation member (seated right) pose for a photo with some of the Kamashinani Foundation beneficiaries.

The government has been urged to streamline bursaries to benefit deserving students as a way of ensuring that the 100 per cent transition dream becomes a reality.

This was said by Senate Deputy Speaker and Meru Senator Kathuri Murungi, who observed that there is need to come up with ways of assisting the needy children in the community who are left behind in the universal access to education.

He regretted that many needy children are unable to join secondary school due to lack of fees, noting that the government does not have elaborate mechanisms of identifying the needy cases when issuing bursaries.

Speaking at Kamashinani Foundation Centre in North Imenti Constituency when he hosted 150 needy students he is currently sponsoring, Murungi called on the government to consult with school principals, chiefs and their assistants before issuing the bursaries in order to identify the most needy and deserving cases.

“I urge the government to come up with a structured way of assisting the needy children in the country. Let the government consult with school principals, chiefs and their assistants before issuing bursaries in order to identify the neediest and deserving cases. This is the best way of ensuring the 100 per cent transition rate from primary to secondary school is realized,” said the Meru Senator.

He called on the government to harmonise the issuance of bursary funds in order to avoid duplication or ghost students, noting that this will also eradicate corruption.

Kathuri said the government should have a database for all the beneficiaries for a seamless issuance of the funds.

He called on the government to increase the allocation given to education, observing that although it is the largest, it is not enough.

He also asked the government to release education funds in time in order to avoid compromising the standards of education.

The Senator said he will be meeting the students he sponsors once every holiday at the centre where they are expected to show up with their school reports and parents.

He said the work of the students is to study and not engaging in other activities like farming or looking after livestock, adding that his main agenda is to make them great people in the future.

The Senator assured them that their fees will be paid in full and urged them to concentrate on their studies without any worry.

He said he plans to add more learners to the sponsorship programme because many more well-wishers have promised to support the initiative, asking parents to also work hard as they have been supported.

“I urge the parents to educate the remaining children. The 150 learners I am supporting will be given priority of sponsorship when joining universities or colleges,” said the Senator.

He called on leaders to unite and work together in such noble causes because it is the best legacy they can leave for the county and country.

Meru Deputy Governor Mutuma M’Ithinkia, also present, said the devolved unit fully supports the initiative, calling on more people to partner with the Senator.


By John Majau

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