Government to begin construction of 16000 JSS classrooms from Monday

A JSS class in an Integrated Science lesson.

Basic Education Principal Secretary Dr Belio Kipsang’ has revealed that a total of 16,000 classrooms will be constructed starting from Monday next week ahead of Grade 9 transition.

The PS said that government plan to construct 16,000 completed by 2025. The project is funded by World Bank.

A memo had been addressed to all regionals, county and sub-county directors stating that, through the Kenya Primary Education Equity in Learning (KPEEL) programme, funded by the World Bank, would begin as soon as the contracts were signed.

Dr Kipsang’ stated that to guarantee the timely completion of projects and to improve efficiency and transparency, schools must adhere to specific guidelines.

One of these guidelines mandates that school heads open and manage a dedicated project account, which must be signed by the chairpersons of the Board of Management (BOM), the Junior School Committee, and the Parents Association. The signature of the school head is also required in this process.


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Schools must follow the designs and Bill of Quantities (BQs) issued by the Ministry of Education. The materials to be used must meet the specifications outlined in the provided BQs.

School administrators must ensure that all financial documents and transaction summaries for project funds are properly recorded. This includes payment vouchers, invoices, cash sales receipts, fund receipts and expenditure summaries, bank statements and board meeting minutes.

They must also comply with the Public Procurement and Assets Disposal Act, 2015, particularly Sections 91 and 92.

Additionally, school heads should ensure proper design and implementation of environmental and social safeguards to manage risks and improve the project’s environmental and social performance. This includes child protection, learner safety, and waste management.

Earlier this month, while speaking at the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner’s plenary hall in Nakuru, Dr Kipsang’ announced that the government plans to construct 16,000 classrooms nationwide in preparation for learners’ transition to Grade 9 next year.

The 2025 Grade 9 class is the first group to experience the Junior Secondary School (JSS) and Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). These classes are located within primary schools throughout the country.

By Frank Mugwe

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