Government should ensure fallen academic giants are back to limelight

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

The recent directive to assist the former performing schools to come back to limelight is a welcome one.

The Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, during a recent school fundraiser in Isiolo County, directed the Ministry of Education (MoE) Cabinet Secretary to send a technical team to Garbatula High School and ensure that it roars back to its former self.

The school was a darling of many in the late 70’s and 80’s only to start registering dismal performance in 90’s.

In the year 2000, the school was shut down then re-opened in 2002. Its decline was majorly attributed to constant insecurity in the area.


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The mention of Garbatula reminds me of former giants spread across the country. In Rift Valley, the schools that were in the same league with Garbatula included Kilibwoni High School, Lelmokwo, Kipsangui, Kipkabus, Kabungut, Sigor High among others.

Amukura High, Chesamisi, Kapsokwony, Emusire and Ingotse among others were the untouchables of Western Kenya.

Each and every region had its own academic giants who, as we talk, have exited centre stage of high academic performance.

It is time, after a long period of silence, that the MoE should go to the drawing board and devise strategies of bringing these schools back to the track.

Inspite of the fallen schools having better infrastructure, most of them have in the recent past posted mean scores of below 4.5. This has resulted in low enrolment leading to under utilisation of the existing facilities.

Government intervention through the MoE, will breathe life and see these schools find their way back to the map of Kenya.

By Joseph Kiptoo

Joseph Kiptoo is an alumni of Kilibwoni High Hchool in Nandi County.

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