Good news for ECDE teachers in Kisii as 714 are confirmed on permanent terms

Kisii Governor Simba Arati has confirmed 714 ECDE teachers as permanent and pensionable. File photo

There is good news for Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers in Kisii: 700 of them have been confirmed as permanent and pensionable (P&P) employees of the county government.

Issuing the appointment letters, Governor Simba Arati said that the confirmation after working on contract for 11 years was among the promises he made to the electorate.

“This is part of what I promised people when I campaigned for this gubernatorial seat,” he said, revealing that Certificate, Diploma and Degree holders will earn Ksh26,000 and 36,000 up from Ksh12,00 respectively.

Arati said the 714 teachers confirmed are those below 50 years, but 200 of them who are 50 and above will be retained on enhanced contract terms.

Josephine Moraa, a certificate holder who was employed in 2014, said she has been struggling with the meagre salary to educate her children; but now with the changes she will be able dress well and pay school fees for her children.

“The worst came when the landlord kept on locking me out because of accumulation of rental money,” she said.

The ceremony at Gusiii Stadium was attended by Kisii County Commissioner Tom Anjere, among other government officials.

Anjere asked chiefs and their assistants to report any parent who does not take their children to school, further assuring residents of their security but asked them to report any suspicious activities because security begins with the individual.

By Enock Okong’o

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