Go for technical skills which are more employable, experts urge Kenyan youths

Youths across the country have been urged to go for technical skills and stop the obsession with rare white-collar jobs for them to be employable and to make better earnings.

The youngsters were urged to particularly take up ever marketable courses such as fashion and design, electrical and plumbing, hospitality, hairdressing and beauty, and entrepreneurship among others to enable them to meet the high demand of specialists in the country.

Experts in the technical fields noted that the courses are highly marketable as one can immediately secure a job upon completion and or start their own income-generating enterprises.

According to Ann Kibe, a trainer at Gorgeous Technical Institute in Thika, Kiambu County, technical knowledge among youngsters is the surest way to alleviate the joblessness crisis in the country.

As a result of the joblessness situation in the country, Kibe underscored the need for the government and parents to empower their children saying the increased unemployment rate has rendered numerous youths to become hopeless.

“It’s imperative for youths to be equipped with hands-on skills that will go a long way in enabling them secure jobs or start their own ventures. White-collar jobs are drastically shrinking and are being taken up by technological advancements.

To beat joblessness we must equip our youths with technical skills,” Kibe said.

She spoke during the launch of The George Koimburi Foundation which has embarked on an initiative of sponsoring 500 youths in Juja Kiambu County for short technical courses, to a tune of sh 5 million, in collaboration with Thika-based Gorgeous Technical Institute.

Her sentiments were echoed by Agnes Munyao, a technical courses trainer who noted with concern that the unemployment crisis has compelled many youths to indulge in drug abuse, a challenge that requires urgent interventions.

“Offering the right training and funding the youth to establish incoming generating projects will help the government halfway solve joblessness challenges,” she said.

The trainer who described technical courses as flexible, high-paying with less strain stated that technical students are more marketable than theoretical degree holders who tarmac for years to find a job opportunity.

Juja MP George Koimburi stated that technically equipping youngsters to start income-generating activities will keep them away from drugs and substance abuse.

“In the wake of the intensified fight against outlawed substances, we need to empower those who transform with technical knowledge to enable them to begin living meaningful lives by engaging in artisanry,” he said.

The MP divulged that the government will soon establish a technical training institute in his constituency which will be fully equipped to devolve technical training among youngsters.

He further called for increased investment in manufacturing and agricultural sectors saying more investment will create job opportunities for those graduating from institutes of higher learning.

The three-month short courses, he said will enable students who failed to get opportunities to advance their studies to start earning after completion.

Peris Wanjiru who completed her secondary school training in 2025 and managed to garner a C plus grade is among the beneficiaries of the program that seeks to empower youngsters with technical skills.

Having failed to join a higher learning institution due to poverty, Wanjiru now hopes to start her own business to fight lack and better her life.

She is among the beneficiaries of the new program who expressed optimism that their lives will turn around once they get the technical know-how in various fields.

During the launch, graduates with degrees were also urged to enroll in technical short courses to improve their employability.

By Kamau Njoroge

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