Form one student found dead after school rampage laid to rest

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Eugine Murithi, a form one student was found lifeless on July 25 in a thicket about 100 meters from his school.

This is after a night of running battles with the police who were called to quell unrest at the school.

Murithi 17, was a student at Kajiunduthi Secondary School in Tharaka Nithi County.

He was buried on Wednesday after postmortem results revealed that he died from lack of oxygen to the brain.

The postmortem was conducted at Nkubu Consolata Hospital mortuary at Ksh15, 000 paid by the school.

According to a report by pathologist Dr. Njeri Karani, the 17-year-old also had bruises on his hands and legs.

However, the results from the postmortem raised more questions for Murithi’s family on the cause of his death since the pathologist ruled out injuries as the cause of the death.

Nicholas Mbijiwe, Murithi’s grandfather and guardian suspected that the boy must have died somewhere else since there were no signs of struggle when he visited the scene with detectives.

Initially, fingers were pointed at police officers who were suspected of beating him to death but as things stand, no one is likely to know how Murithi died.

Mr. Mbijiwe said they had decided not to pursue the matter further, preferring to let the matter rest.

“We came together as a family and took the painful decision not to pursue this matter with any authority.

I have been particularly traumatized since we received the news and I cannot bear it any longer. Let Eugene rest in peace,” he said.

By Thuita Jaswant

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