Floods wreak havoc in Kisumu schools, says Governor Nyong’o

The entrance to Kibarwa Primary School located in Kisumu flooded due to recent heavy rains.

Raging floods have caused havoc in learning institutions in various parts of Kisumu County.

Some of the affected schools include St Anne’s Primary, Ahero Girls Secondary, Karanda Primary and Secondary, Kosida Primary, Okanja Mixed Day Secondary School, Odino Primary, and Onjiko Boys high school, have been flooded.

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o has also said 22 ECDE centres have been destroyed by floods with a number of roads and health facilities particularly in Nyando and Kadibo sub-counties destroyed.

Nyong’o confirmed that the county had mobilized a multi-agency team to swiftly rescue the affected families.

“We are working closely with the National government through our Multi-agency committee to help our people. We sincerely thank the Coast Guard and the Kenya Red Cross Society whose teams are already at Ahero to help in the rescue mission.”

Nyong’o affirmed that a command centre has been established at Ahero Sub-county hospital to coordinate rescue operations and provide medical aid while the Kenya Defense Forces had deployed helicopters and manpower for aerial rescue missions.

Residents and traders in Kisumu are now counting massive losses after their homes and businesses were marooned by floods after River Nyando burst its banks leaving a trail of destruction.

The latest flood crisis has caused extensive damage to residential areas, trading centres, public institutions and critical infrastructure in Nyando, Kadibo, Muhoroni and Nyakach Sub-counties.

The surge in River Nyando’s waters has been exacerbated by the increasing back flow from Lake Victoria and persistent heavy downpours in higher grounds like Nandi County.

As floods intensify, the situation in the lakeside county has deteriorated, compounding the challenges for the displaced locals who are already struggling to recover from previous crises.

A multi-agency response team composed of the National Government Administrative Officers, Coast Guard, the Kenya Red Cross Society, St Johns and County Emergency Disaster Management Unit have been activated to evacuate the over 600 families marooned in their homes and business premises in Nyando Sub-county.

The overflow also impacted transportation, as evidenced by the temporary traffic disruption at Nyando Bridge in Ahero market. However, the situation at the bridge has since stabilised, as the movement of vehicles has resumed.

Residents in a flooded area.

Farmers in Kibigori Sub-location, Chemelil reported significant agricultural losses after the floods washed approximately 600 acres of maize and bean crops.


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A spot check showed that healthcare facilities had not been spared, with Bunde Dispensary marooned and Ahero Sub-county hospital partially submerged with wards and offices adversely affected.

Ahero and Muhoroni towns were completely flooded, severely impeding commercial activities, while areas like Ombeyi, Kabonyo Kanyagwal, Ombaka, and Sango Rota have experienced mass displacement due to flooding.

Moreover, feeder road networks like Ahero-Bunde-Kosida-Kasuna road were rendered impassable and the bridge at Homa Lime in Muhoroni Sub-county collapsed.

The dyke spanning from Ahero Police Station to Magina – an approximately 5-kilometer stretch along both sides of River Nyando, has been washed downstream, worsening the crisis.

In a statement issued by Governor Anyang’ Nyando Deputy County Commissioner Elijah Maranga reported that the floods had caused minimal damage to public utilities like schools and hospitals. However, he noted that Ahero Police Station was severely affected, with water levels reaching waist-high in officers’ residences.

“No major damage to public utilities like schools has been occasioned. However, Ahero Police Station is the most affected as the water level is to the waist level in houses used by officers,” Maranga said.

He added that the compound of the Nyando Assistant County Commissioner’s office was partially submerged, impacting service delivery.

Additionally, government offices, including those of the OCS, Nyando Sub-county Police Commander, sub county Director of Criminal Investigation, and Base Traffic, have been marooned.

By Fredrick Odiero

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