Firms asked to offer internship opportunities to TVET graduates

Road construction plant operator allows a technician who attended a training to operate a tractor. Photo by Robert Nyagah

Industries have been urged to offer internship to young graduates from various Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions to ensure they are well armed with necessary skills that will help to grow economy.

Government and private entities which host technical units should have been asked to ease access of more technical interns to their workplaces.

Parents and guardians of various trainees in the various TVET institutions in Embu County say that access to internship in the state corporations and private firms remains a nightmare with majority denying the trainees chances.

Led by Hannah Mwangi whose son underwent training in plumbing and who failed to access internship in various entities in Embu, they have called on the managements of technical training institutes to start internship programmes.

‘’Availability of internship spaces continue to be a major drawback towards technical trainees accessing hands-on training with some managements of industries and state corporations sometimes demanding that prospective interns pay a fee,” said Mwangi.


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The parents also asked the managements of various training institutes to update their equipment by embracing modern and digital production units noting that some still utilized archaic methods of training risking the trainees’ access of labour.

She added, “We want the managements of our technical colleges to move out of their comfort zones and sign partnerships with large scale construction companies and industries for them to install some of the machines in such colleges.”

The parents noted there were increasing numbers of young people who after training to handle some of the most complicated industrial and construction equipment including those used in road construction ended up without employment.

Such technically qualified young people, the parents suggested should be mobilized and brought together to work with technical colleges in their areas of residences and be part of the teaching staff to ensure their skills did not go to waste.

By Robert Nyagah

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