Falling VTC in Kangundo calls for urgent Govt intervention

Kyevaluki VTC Principal Patricia Kathini addressing the press.

The Principal of Kyevaluki Vocational Training Center (VTC) in Kangundo has called on urgent county and national government intervention, decrying the dilapidated state of infrastructure in the institution.

Principal Patricia Kathini said that most facilities are in a sorry state and require urgent renovations and facelifts before the situation worsens.

“There is a building that was started by the then CDF in 2015 and was not completed, the building is rotting away and we would appreciate if the governor completes it,” she said.

She also disclosed that the school lacks enough teachers, with most of them being employees of the board.

A section of the classrooms at Kyevaluki VTC.

Kathini also decried the low student population saying that when they do not pay school fees on time, it results in salary arrears for the tutors.

“The students are few and sometimes it’s a challenge to pay the teachers when there are fee balances. Currently we have salary arrears and that’s why we are asking the county government to employ more teachers for us,” she said.

The Principal also urged 2023 candidates who did not manage to join the university to enroll in vocational training centers to gain technical knowledge and skills.

The VTC began as a youth club in 1956 but in 1974 it was transformed into a village polytechnic.

By Agnes Orang’o

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