Exploit the digital workspace as alternative employment, youth urged

Businessman JJ Titus addresses journalists in Thika town.

Youth across the country have been urged to exploit opportunities in the digital space as an alternative to employment to beat joblessness.

Investors in the digital world aver that youth, especially University and College students must be tech-savvy, noting that there are numerous opportunities in the digital world where they can make decent earnings.

Led by Business mogul JJ Titus, the investors pointed out that the country is currently grappling with an unemployment crisis with the youth being the major victims.

Speaking during the launch of the ACNCOIN crypto-currency in Thika town, Titus noted that a majority of youth in the country have digital skills such as digital marketing, virtual assistance, data entry and transcription among others that give them a competitive edge.

“Most jobs across the globe are technology-based. Our youth must be well-versed in technology to enable them to secure remote jobs. This is the way to go to tackle unemployment in our country,” he said.

The businessman challenged the youth to invest their money in digital ventures including cryptos instead of spending on destructive vices such as drug abuse and alcoholism. He however cautioned them to be wary of pyramid schemes and go for legitimate cryptos.

He also urged them to grab opportunities availed by the government including the Ajira Digital Programme to enhance and benefit from their digital skills.

Jasper Muthomi alias MC Jesse called on the youth to spend their time on ventures that will financially secure their future through digital platforms.

“Spend time on online platforms doing something profitable. Invest your time in information that will help your pockets financially. Online work is the way to go. The opportunities in the digital workspace surpass the number of digital workers by far,” Muthomi said.

Agape Theuri, a Zetech University student, challenged fellow peers to create networks with renowned tech firms, organizations and individuals to increase their chances of securing jobs.

“Most youth are sinking into depression and vices and some end up losing their lives while engaging in risky affairs. It’s high time we realize and grab the opportunities presented by the digital world,” he said.

Her sentiments were echoed by Benjamin Maina, a student at Mount Kenya University (MKU), who challenged other students to make proper use of their free time to make better earnings.

Meanwhile, Titus called on the government to consider legitimizing crypto-currency as a way of attracting investors who will play a pivotal role in aiding the Kenyan shilling, which has been on a steep decline, to strengthen.

“Even Nigeria recently launched its crypto and it will surely turn around the country’s economy. It’s high time the government considers this investment. Other economies are growing steadily and they are moving from paper currency to digital coins,” he said.

By Kamau Njoroge

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