Expect more dropouts due to education budget cuts, MP warns Govt

Juja MP George Koimburi with Gorgeous Technical Institute Director Jackie Kibutha during the graduation ceremony,

The MP of Juja George Koimburi has called upon the Government to increase funding in both basic and higher education in order to avoid school dropouts.

Speaking during a graduation ceremony at Gorgeous Technical Training Institute where over 500 youths received certificates for short artisan courses, Koimburi emphasized the urgency of increasing the education budget in the upcoming supplementary budget.

He further highlighted the escalating cost of living, which has caused basic commodity prices to surge, making education less accessible to the economically disadvantaged.

“Parents are now burdened with paying nearly double for necessities like uniforms and stationery, all due to the soaring cost of living,” Koimburi lamented.

He urged the Govt to consider increasing education allocation to relieve millions of Kenyans from the burden of funding their children’s education.

Additionally, Koimburi warned that failing to support parents could lead to an upsurge in dropout rates, which would be detrimental to the nation.

Agnes Munyao, the head of departments at the institute, called upon government agencies and elected leaders to collaborate and support students in pursuing education without hindrances.

Munyao further encouraged parents not to keep their children idle during long holidays but rather to enroll them in short technical courses such as bead work to acquire essential skills for the future.

She urged youngsters to pursue marketable courses like fashion and design, electrical and plumbing, hospitality, hairdressing, beauty, and entrepreneurship to meet the country’s demand for specialists.

By Kamau Njoroge

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