Enrollment hitch as Shamberere TTI roots for elevation to national status

Shamberere Technical Institute

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Plans to elevate Shamberere technical training institute to a national polytechnic are in high gear, as the institution’s management seeks ways of boosting students’ enrollment as they ask the local community not to shy away from the institution.

The new principal Elisha Nyamu stated that the institution was being under-utilized especially in the engineering department where modern machines worth hundreds of millions of shillings lay idol owing to the low numbers of students enrolling for the courses.

“Through MP Malulu Injendi we requested the president to consider awarding us the national status and the plans are in a very advanced stage.

Soon we will be a national level institution but my worry is our children have not embraced technical learning yet technical courses have a ready market with the demand for technical experts being very high in the current age” He said

Nyamu called upon local leaders to create awareness among the residents about the importance of the institution in their environs.

The principal noted that the institution’s administration had already begun scouting for more land for the expansion of the institution.

He was talking during a meeting with local members of the county assembly from the sub-county.

Nyamu said the government is now employing the Higher Education Fund (HEF) in its new financing model where the funds are released on a first come basis for scholarships, loans, and bursaries for technical students.

“They have been categorized into four groups, less needy, needy, extremely needy and vulnerable with each having an upkeep loan of 13,600 and Ksh 67,189 per year as fees with tuition percentage awarded to less needy being 32%, needy 50%, extremely needy70% and vulnerable 80%as tuition loan is 48% less needy, 30% needy and extremely needy each 30% with vulnerable having 20%, for the household both less needy and extremely are expected to pay 20% whereas extremely and vulnerable are exonerated from this payment.” He said

The principal also stated that the institution is putting up a vehicle inspection unit that will have a carwash, service bay, and automotive engineering service centre, panel beating and spraying all done by the students as one way of generating income for the institution.

“As we are moving from Kenya national examination council (KNEC) to CIDAC then CBET(competency-based education and testing) we are going full practical where more hands-on experience will be tested and those who qualify despite the time frame of the course be awarded their relevant certificate.” He stated

The Mcas led by the leader of the minority David Ndakwa assured the principal of their full support as they help to bring more students and pay for their registration fees.

“We can only empower the society through education and we are willing to fully rally behind this noble course that is intended to bring more resources to our people.

By Andanje Wakhungu

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