Elites in Kakamega challenge graduates to invest in the county

Dr. Slyvester Anami, Kakamega elites coordinator, at their meeting that encouraged graduates to invest back home.

Elites in Kakamega County have challenged fresh and employed graduates to invest back home as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The calls come at a time education and development standards in the region continue to dwindle due to lack of motivators and role models for the new generation.

Speaking during the Mulembe elites meeting held in Kakamega County, the coordinator Dr. Sylvester Onami said it was time the newly employed university graduates to considered giving back to the society that raised them up.

Anami, who successfully organized the Mulembe Nation Socio Economic Summit, stressed the importance of professionals coming together to ensure that Kakamega becomes a hub where professionalism and tangible development intersect.

A section of the Kakamega County dons who came together to encourage investments back home to develop the county.

“We have united with a common intent of providing professional counsel and expertise to promote Socio-economic growth in the region,” he said.

During their inaugural meeting, the lecturers, representing various universities across the country, acknowledged the value of their diverse professions and extensive research in contributing to the betterment of the county.

They pointed out that it was not right for them to disown the communities that uplifted them and invest in other counties away from their motherland.

“We are a team of lecturers working in different parts of this country; but we have our roots back home and that is why we are assembled here to show our solidarity with community,” he said.

Onami stated that their meet was a unity of purpose aimed at bringing on board all educationists and other elites from the county working outside to pump resources back home for the betterment of tomorrow’s generations.

“By encouraging graduates to build their careers locally, the aim is to make Kakamega an attractive destination for talent and foster its growth and development,” said Onami.

The dons believe that their collective expertise, gained through years of education, research and experience, can greatly benefit the county.

By Andanje Wakhungu

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