Early recognition of learners is key to motivation

Young children known as PMC in Catholic Church celebrate being awarded certificates by Fr Martin Wekesa in West Pokot. Photos by Martin Ruto

When young learners are motivated at early ages through award of certificates either academic or participation, they get to realize that recognition is a major factor in improving any other task ahead.

A certificate bearing the name of the learner together with other details and signed by a patron and a facilitator is a true symbol and recognition to the learner.


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A learner can feel much appreciated after participating in activities like Music and Drama Festivals, Ball games and activities carried out in clubs and societies.

PMC Celebrate their certification.

Some of the clubs and societies activities include tree planting and environmental conservation at school and at community level.

Even the slow learners can greatly improve academically and socially if they are well appreciated and recognized.

Recently, young children known as PMC in Catholic Church participated in a workshop and covered important topics which included among others, good family relationship between parents and children.

Therefore, it is important for teachers, facilitators and parents to always motivate and appreciate our young learners through means like certification.

By Martin Ruto

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