Drama as enraged parent bites headteacher, injures pupils

headteacher injured

There was drama at Kirigi primary school when a parent went berserk and bit the headteacher’s finger and injured two pupils who joined the melee in trying to rescue the administrator in a dramatic scene that paralyzed learning for hours in the school.

While confirming the incident, Lincoln Kithaka, Chief Gandori South location, said the suspect Charity Wanja had been summoned by the teacher in the school after her son failed to undertake her assignment only to turn violent upon reaching the school.

He said immediately after the parent was ushered into the headteacher’s office for questioning she violently descended on the headteacher with kicks and blows before biting her pointing finger.

Two Class eight learners who had gone to the head teacher’s office found her on distress call being mishandled by the irate parent, then they decided to rescue their teacher.

However, they were not spared. The parent turned on them with the same force and bit them up one after the other.

”We have advised the three to go to the hospital for treatment since they were bleeding profusely from the injuries inflicted on them by the parent.

Kithaka stated the parent has since been arrested and locked up at the Kirigi police post as investigations commence adding that she will be arraigned in court after the investigation.

The victims recorded their statements at the same post before proceeding to Embu level 5 hospital for treatment.

By Brian Kaleti

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