Don’t shy away from registering disabled children, MP urges parents

Meru Woman Representative Elizabeth Kailemia gives a speech at a past function /Photo Courtesy

Meru Woman Representative Elizabeth Kailemia has urged parents with physically challenged children to register them with her office so that they can benefit from National Government Affirmative Action (NGAAF) programmes.

She said the funds were available to women, the youth and people living with disabilities, and asked members of the community not to discriminate against physically challenged people which brought about stigma.

“We have discovered that parents who are bringing up children with physical disabilities shy away from seeking help and go to the extent of locking them up in their homes. We call upon them to register with us so that they can benefit from NGAAF projects,” she said in an interview.

She also called for appropriate sex education targeting boys and girls to be introduced in schools to stem cases of early pregnancies among the youth.

The woman Rep said for instance, Igembe North constituency is ranked among one of the areas with a high rate of early pregnancies in the country and concerted efforts should be pursued to address the problem.

She said contrary to the perception that only girls needed sex education, boys should also be included in the programme.

“At times we think that only girls are affected but in some instances, the underage girls are impregnated by young boys who were not educated on the importance of abstaining from sex. If we are going to protect girls we must also include boys in this education,” Ms Kailemia said.

“Currently our children are accessing a lot of content online and it is important that we focus our efforts to teach them what is appropriate. We cannot continue pretending that they don’t know issues to do with sex. But we must teach them what is right and what is wrong,” she added.

By John Majau

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