Disco matanga banned in Budalang’i for the KCSE exam period

Bunyala Deputy County Commissioner Dr Paul Papa.
Bunyala Deputy County Commissioner Dr Paul Papa.

Bunyala Sub-county Deputy County Commissioner Dr Paul Papa has banned ‘disco matanga’ in Budalang’i for the entire period of KCSE.

Speaking to the media at Bunyala Sub-county headquarters on Monday, Papa warned that stern legal action will be taken against those found violating the government directive.

“I want to take this opportunity to ask parents and education stakeholders in the whole of Bunyala Sub-county to ensure that there is no ‘disco matanga’ to give the candidates ample time to revise for the exams,” he said.

Disco matanga are night parties hosted by bereaved families as mourners visit to condole with them.

Dr Papa instructed all chiefs and their assistants in the entire constituency to ensure that the directive is strictly adhered to, warning them that disciplinary action will be taken against any of them who lets the parties happen in their areas of jurisdiction.

He also cautioned the KCSE candidates against engaging in cheating, saying it is an offence punishable by law.

“I wish to warn the candidates against engaging in cheating since this is a serious offence,” he added, wishing them nonetheless all the best in the exams.

By Gilbert Ochieng

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